The Language of Flowers

Each rose has their own meanings to it. That is why it is an important thing to choose your rose wisely. The below list shows you different color and type of roses and their meaning respectively.

  • Rose – love, beauty, congratulations, reward of virtue, grace, joy, you are gentle, friendship, silence, unity, may you be pleased and your sorrows mine
  • Cabbage Rose – ambassador of love
  • Champagne colored rose – effervescence, vitality, devotion
  • Cherry-red rose – merriment, sweetness of character derived from good works
  • China Rose – beauty always new
  • Coral Rose – I admire your accomplishments, good fortune, longevity, beauty
  • Cream Rose – Richness, perfection, best qualities
  • Damask Rose – brilliant complexion beauty always new
  • Eglantine Rose – poetry
  • Gold Rose – absolute achievement
  • Lavender Rose – rarity, dignity
  • Moss Rose – love, voluptuousness
  • Musk Rose – capricious beauty
  • Peach Rose – your qualities like your charms are unequalled
  • Pink Rose – grace, beauty; pink rosebud, grace, beauty, gentleness
  • Red Rose – love, passion, desire, beauty, victory, harmony, joy, charm, luck; red rosebud – innocent hope, young and beautiful
  • Red and White Rose – creative force, joy, unity
  • Rose colored Rose – shyness, beauty, pride, love
  • Shell-Pink Rose – youth, good health, femininity
  • White Rose – unity, love, respect, beauty
  • Yellow Rose – friendship, highest mark of distinction, forgive and forget
  • Rosebud – beauty and youth

What Are Modern Roses?

As well stated in the American Rose Society handbook for Selecting Roses, “The classification of modern roses can be confusing due to the fact that many modern roses have old garden roses in their ancestry and their forms can vary considerably. Classifications tend to be associated with their growth and flowering habits/characteristics”. Below are but a few of the roses classified as “Modern Roses” as indicated in the Selecting Roses Handbook:

We start out with the Hybrid Tea Rose as this is what most folks think of when they think of roses. This is mainly because these roses are typically what are purchased from the florists to be given at special events and events where a special meaning is to be expressed. Hybrid Tea roses have been the favorite for much of history and were initially created in 1867 with a rose named “La France” by French breeder Guillot. The list of wonderful hybrid tea roses is long and prestigious, here are just a few from that list: Peace, Mister Lincoln, Elle, Gemini, Veterans’ Honor, Falling In Love, Liebeszauber, Love and Peace, Fragrant Cloud, Chicago Peace and Paradise.

Miniature and Miniflora roses are increasingly popular rosebushes that work well in many garden, rose bed or landscaped areas. Keep in mind that the mini part will typically refer to the size of the blooms but not necessarily the size of the rosebush. Be sure to check on the growth habits listed for the mini rosebushes you are considering for your plantings. These are amazingly hardy rosebushes that love to bloom that will accept many different uses and growing conditions. In my area we have had winters where these rose bushes died back all the way to ground level and came back growing and blooming strong in the spring. Gotta love that right?!! The typical growth habit range for these rosebushes is 15 to 30 inches in height. Some will spread out nicely while others will stay in a nice well formed clump shape. Some of these rosebushes would be: Arcanum, Lavender Delight, Ivory Palace, Autumn Splendor, Cutie Pie, Daddy’s Little Girl, Tiddly Winks, Gourmet Popcorn, Magic Carrousel, Jean Kenneally, Winter Magic, and Bees Knees.

When Mother’s Day rolls around again keep this article and the names of the rosebushes listed in your memory banks, as these rosebushes would make wonderful gifts for that special day. Don’t stop with just buying a beautiful rosebush or several rosebushes, go ahead and plant them for your mother, wife or sweetheart, as it takes the special gift to the next level of being a tremendous long lasting gift of love.