Each rose has their own meanings to it. That is why it is an important thing to choose your rose wisely. The below list shows you different color and type of roses and their meaning respectively.

  • Rose – love, beauty, congratulations, reward of virtue, grace, joy, you are gentle, friendship, silence, unity, may you be pleased and your sorrows mine
  • Cabbage Rose – ambassador of love
  • Champagne colored rose – effervescence, vitality, devotion
  • Cherry-red rose – merriment, sweetness of character derived from good works
  • China Rose – beauty always new
  • Coral Rose – I admire your accomplishments, good fortune, longevity, beauty
  • Cream Rose – Richness, perfection, best qualities
  • Damask Rose – brilliant complexion beauty always new
  • Eglantine Rose – poetry
  • Gold Rose – absolute achievement
  • Lavender Rose – rarity, dignity
  • Moss Rose – love, voluptuousness
  • Musk Rose – capricious beauty
  • Peach Rose – your qualities like your charms are unequalled
  • Pink Rose – grace, beauty; pink rosebud, grace, beauty, gentleness
  • Red Rose – love, passion, desire, beauty, victory, harmony, joy, charm, luck; red rosebud – innocent hope, young and beautiful
  • Red and White Rose – creative force, joy, unity
  • Rose colored Rose – shyness, beauty, pride, love
  • Shell-Pink Rose – youth, good health, femininity
  • White Rose – unity, love, respect, beauty
  • Yellow Rose – friendship, highest mark of distinction, forgive and forget
  • Rosebud – beauty and youth
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